Get the Bike You've Always Wanted with Custom Paint and Fabrication

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Custom Paint and Fabrication in Roseville, California

James Dean's Rebel Design in Roseville, California, offers custom paint and fabrication for a unique and personalized motorcycle.

Custom Paint and Fabrication
Upgrade your bike to reflect your style with our motorcycle parts customization. We can modify fenders and other parts of your bike in any way you desire.

These services are completely tailored to the customer. We can paint the entire body of your car with flames and airbrushed skulls, pinups, and many other images. We also offer custom-built engines and can customize parts you bring in.

Motorcycle Parts
Find all the parts you're looking for. As a dealer for motorcycle companies, we can offer you any part you need. Our prices are typically 5%–10% lower than other companies.

Order your saddlebags, rear fenders, front flaring, and other parts from us, and we'll give them custom paint and prime jobs before we ship them to you. We can also provide installation upon request.

Custom Motorctcle, Custom Paint in Roseville, CA
Contact us at (877) 640-2698 to learn more about our custom paint and fabrication services in Roseville, California.